You can get free coffee from Costa Express machines next Tuesday

Coffee tastes far sweeter when its free (Picture: Costa/

It is a truth universally acknowledged that things taste better when theyre free.

And so we must inform you that next Tuesday, 1 October, you can get your tired and thirsty paws on a free coffee. Or a hot chocolate. Or a tea. Whatever you fancy, really.

To get more people on board with Costa Express machines (you know, those machines you spot in supermarkets and corner shops that let you push a button for coffee), Costa is allowing people to order whatever hot drink they choose from the machines for free.

If you go to any participating Costa Express machine in the UK at any time on Tuesday 1 October, youll be able to take your pick from anything on the menu without paying a penny.

You wont be charged for adding any extras or personalising your drink, so go ahead and add all the syrups and fancy milks your heart desires.



There are more than 8,000 Costa Express machines spread around the UK, though, so you should come across one as you go about your day, but you can locate your nearest one online.

The deal is available from 00.15am on Tuesday 1 October (or whenever the shop opens) until 00.15am on Wednesday 2 October, so theres nothing to stop you getting a breakfast freebie, one for lunch, and one on your way home after a night out.

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Just to make it very clear, though, this offer only applies to Costa Express machines, so you cant just go storming into your nearest Costa cafe and demand a free drink.

If you greatly enjoy the convenience of getting a coffee from a machine with no need for human contact, Costa recommends signing up to the Costa Coffee Club app and scanning your code when you get your freebie. Everyone who claims a free drink on the day and has the app will be entered into a prize draw, with the top prize free Costa Coffee for a year.

Plus, if youre new to the app youll get 100 loyalty points, which equals £1 towards another coffee. So it probably is worth signing up on your way to piRead More – Source

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