French PM unveils immigration plan as government moves to implement quotas

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French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is due to unveil the government's new immigration measures, including the first ever quotas for migrant workers, as President Emmanuel Macron's administration seeks to toughen its stance in response to right-wing criticism.


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Click on the on Edouard Philippe's Twitter acount live stream below to watch the prime minister's news conference live from 11:45am Paris time (GMT+1).

Edouard's announcements come a day after Labour Minister Muriel Penicaud said France would introduce migrant quotas for the first time next year.

In a major policy shift, authorities working with employers will identify industries lacking qualified candidates and facilitate the hiring of foreigners to fill the gap, Penicaud said.

"This is about France hiring based on its needs. It's a new approach, similar to what is done in Canada or Australia," Penicaud told BFM television.

Currently employers have to justify why a French citizen cannot be hired in a complex administrative process, which resulted in around 33,000 economic migrants being granted visas last year.

Construction, hotels and restaurants, and some retailing sectors have long complained of a shortage of people willing to take what is often low-paying work.

Information technology and engineering industries, by contrast, say France does not produce enough qualified candidates.

Penicaud did not say how many foreign workers would be granted visas, nor if an applicant's nationality would be taken into account, a proposal aired by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe last month.

Philippe is spearheading Macron's move to toughen rules on immigration in a bid to woo right-wing voters who accuse the government of allowing in too many foreigners despite unemployment at 8.5 percent in the second quarter.

Analysts say Macron's prime political rival in the run-up to 2022 presidential elections remains the far-right National Rally (RN) leader Marine Le Pen.

The prime minister is to unveil a raft of measures Wednesday signalling the tRead More – Source

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