Exclusive: Inside Libya’s notorious Gernada prison, home to radical Islamists

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In the fourth of FRANCE 24s special reports from Libya, Eric de Laverne and Wissam Charaf take us on a tour inside the notorious Gernada prison.


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Located 250 kilometres north east of Benghazi, this high security prison is home to several hundred radical Islamist fighters. They were mainly caught between 2014 and 2019 in a focussed campaign on the east of Libya.

Many are accused of belonging to the Islamic State group and have already spent years waiting for their trial.

For the first time, forces loyal to General Khalifar Haftar, who run the facility, have opened the prison's door to foreign media.

"We lock them up to stop the gangrene from reaching the rest of our country," says prison governor General Jalal Abdel Akim. &Read More – Source

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