Hong Kong protesters have ‘the university to themselves’

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As anti-government protests continue in Hong Kong, students and other demonstrators took over major school campuses his week, building barricades on at least five campuses and stockpiling petrol bombs amid four days of the some of the worst violence in decades in the former British colony.


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The five-month crisis in Hong Kong entered a new phase on Monday when hardcore protesters embarked on a campaign to “blossom everywhere” across the international financial hub, in a bid to stretch police resources as thinly as possible.

At the barricaded Polytechnic University, protesters have been practicing their skills with bows and arrows and petrol bombs in a half-empty swimming pool.

“There have been moments where they have battled with police with tear gas, but theyve pretty much got the university to themselves now. Theyve barricaded it on three to four sides,” FRANCE 24 correspondent Oliver Farry reports from the campus in Kowloon. The protesters “also even managed to shut down the Cross-Harbour Tunnel crossing, which is right next door to the university and one of the three ways that Hong Kongers can pass from the Kowloon peninsula to Hong Kong Island.”

While demonstrations earlier tended to be confined to weeknights and weekends, protesters have throughout this work week managed to paralyse parts of city. “Whether its eventually going to tire the patience of Hong Kongers is another thing,” Farry reports. “This is probably something that the government is gambling on because they know that it has been very, very hard so fRead More – Source

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