UN rights chief says Iranian regime using severe violence against protesters

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Iranian security forces have shot at protesters from helicopters and a rooftop and have aimed at peoples heads in using “severe violence” to quell anti-government unrest last month, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Friday.


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Security forces have also fired at protesters as they were running away, Bachelet said in a statement, citing verified video footage.

The UN Human Rights Office has received information indicating that at least 208 people have been killed, including 13 women and 12 children, during the demonstrations and at least 7,000 people arrested, the statement said.

More than twice that number may have been killed according to unconfirmed reports, according to the statement.

Iranian authorities confirmed for the first time this week that security forces killed demonstrators during what rights groups have said was the deadliest anti-government unrest since the country's 1979 revolution.

“All in all, the picture now emerging from Iran is extremely disturbing,” Bachelet said.

One of the worst incidents took place in the city of Mahshahr in southwest Iran on November 18 when security forces fired at protestors with machine guns, killing at least 23 and possibly many more, the United Nations statement said.

Security forces have used water cannon, tear gas, batons, and live fire against unarmed demonstrators who posed no imminent threat of death or serious injury, it said.

“Verified video footage indicates severe violence was used against protesters, including armed members of security forces shooting from the roof of a justice department building in one city, and from helicopters in another,” Bachelet said.

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