France prepares evacuation of its citizens from coronavirus-hit Wuhan, China


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France is planning to evacuate its citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus epidemic, the French Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.


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A statement on the official webpage of the French consulate in Wuhan said that France was “considering … setting up a bus service allowing French citizens, their spouses and children to leave Wuhan”.

The French Foreign ministry has set up an emergency phone line. On Saturday, an official answering the line told FRANCE 24 that the bus transport details were still being worked out, but that the plan was to take French citizens trapped in Wuhan to another Chinese city, where they would undergo a 14-day quarantine before being allowed to move on.

Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, has been on virtual lockdown since Thursday, with nearly all flights cancelled and checkpoints blocking the main roads leading out of town. Some foreigners report that they have been able to leave town after having their temperatures checked.

Among them, Sébastien Spaeth, a manager at the Wuhan French International School, told FRANCE 24 that he managed to leave on Thursday. “Despite the lockdown, it seems that foreigners can still leave … The locals have been very well briefed. They are a very disciplined people, much easier to manage than the French. Here in Sichuan (another province west of Wuhan), Chinese people are telling us that we are not rRead More – Source