Live: We have to live with the virus, says France’s PM detailing plan to ease lockdown


Issued on: 28/04/2020 – 14:17Modified: 28/04/2020 – 14:17

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe reveals his governments much-awaited plan to ease the strict nationwide coronavirus lockdown to the National Assembly Tuesday. The unveiling of the plan, which includes digital innovations to try to stem the outbreak, will be followed by a parliamentary debate and a vote.


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The easing of Frances Covid-19 lockdown measures looks set to be a perilous process as the disease tolls continues to mount, though at a slower rate, more than a month after a nationwide lockdown was put in place.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced earlier this month that the lockdown would be lifted from May 11 but he left the details relatively vague.

Prime Minister Philippes presentation will be followed by a two-and-a-half hour debate in France's lower house of parliament, followRead More – Source