Covid-19: France’s small-scale farmers see ‘glimmer of hope’

Issued on: 07/05/2020 – 09:48Modified: 07/05/2020 – 09:50

For many farmers, the Covid-19 pandemic has been brutal with large orders cancelled and revenue plunging. But some small-scale farmers have noticed a rise in direct sales. FRANCE 24's Catherine Norris-Trent reports.


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Damien Hahusseau, who runs a family farm with 100 cows and some vineyards in central France, told FRANCE 24 that the countrys lockdown has affected consumers buying habits. “Weve had many more clients, people coming on foot whove got a lot more free time in the day. Theyre not in a hurry, and they want local produce.”

Hahusseau is developing the farm's online presence and contacting individual consumers, and even delivering to their doors. "We Read More – Source

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