Barbara Hendricks on sheltering in place: ‘This is how refugees feel all the time’

Issued on: 21/05/2020 – 14:23Modified: 21/05/2020 – 14:23

Barbara Hendricks has used her voice for two things: in the service of a superlative musical career and as a staunch defender of human rights.


As a lifetime ambassador for the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees, shes staging a concert from Stockholms Vasateatern to help this vulnerable sector of society, many of whom have found themselves in even more precarious circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking inspiration from the words of civil rights leader Martin Luther King and the many anonymous women and men who brought about change and social justice, the performance is entitled “Road to Freedom”.

As one of the rare lyrical artists to have graced the stages of the Paris Opera, the Met in New York and La Scala in Milan, Barbara Hendricks haRead More – Source

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