Covid-19: Divided States of America

Issued on: 29/05/2020 – 13:52Modified: 29/05/2020 – 13:52

In the United States, the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is deepening the divide between Republicans and Democrats. Faced with scientists decisions and the restrictions that they imply, supporters of President Donald Trump are invoking their rights set out in the First and Second Amendments of the US Constitution. Our team reports from Florida and Louisiana, two states in the south of the country, where the political battle is raging.


"To live free or to die", "Fake virus, real liberty-killer laws!" These are the messages that can be read at anti-lockdown protests that are multiplying across the southern states of the US. The coronavirus is exacerbating political tensions and deepening divisions between Democrats and ultra-conservatives.

Some Americans, especially Trump supporters, are reclaiming their constitutional rights – the right to bear arms, freedom of religion or even free movement – thereby undermining the emergency measures issued by the authorities in order to fight against the pandemic.

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In Florida, one of the states most affected by Covid-19, its Republican Governor Ron DeSantiRead More – Source

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