Amanda’s Style File: Citrine and Topaz for November Birthdays

nationaljeweler– Birthday celebrations continue this month, with November babies finishing another trip around the sun.

Everyone deserves to be celebrated in a big way this year; subtlety can be saved for another year. This is the time to go big on recognitions.

With citrine and topaz as options for birthstones, the gemstones can be large and you can get a lot of look for your money.

Designers are using these colored stones to create fanciful rings, precious stud earrings, drool-worthy drop earrings and statement-making necklaces.

Citrine’s warm pumpkin- and apple cider-like tones are a perfect way to get in the fall spirit.

While there is debate about which variety of topaz should be recognized as the birthstone for November, we would argue that in 2020, anything goes. White, Imperial and smokey topaz are all a perfect fit for the rich November color palette.

Here are a few winning Amanda’s Style File selects to get you crushing on citrine and topaz for fall.

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