Coronation Street fans stunned by Gemma’s glam makeover

manchestereveningnews– She’s known for her love of lounge wear, Bjork-style sidebuns and badly-applied makeup, but Gemma Winter was sporting a new glam look in tonight’s Coronation Street.

Viewers noticed that the mother of quadruplets had undergone a makeover as she swanned around Speed Daal in a cute cropped top.

She left her favourite hoodies behind to showcase a new look at Sean Tully’s makeup party as he launches a beauty business with Michael Bailey.

“Wow Gemma’s figure looks amazing,” said another.

Gobby Gemma, played by Dolly-Rose Campbell, arrived on the street in 2014 as an old friend who grew up with Kylie Platt on the estate where she fell in with drug dealer Callum Logan.

At first she was introduced as an associate of evil Callum but she changed her bad girl image by taking part in a good neighbour scheme and befriended Rita Tanner, eventually moving into Rita’s flat.

They finally ended up together in 2018 and the following year were rocked by the news that they were expecting quadruplets.

The quads – Aled, Bryn, Llio and Carys – were born after Gemma went into labour in a cable car in Llandudno as Chesney attempted to propose.

In a harrowing awareness-raising storyline the new mum suffered from post-natal depression and was bullied by other mums as she struggled with her babies.

With the support of Chesney, her twin brother Paul and mother Bernie, with whom she had recently re-connected, she sought help.

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