These Slips Are the White T-Shirts of Dresses

vogue– In 2020, I’ve found that there’s little room for impractical impulse purchases. Every new piece of clothing needs to be comfortable yet sophisticated and nearly transmutative in its versatility. A lot of qualities to ask of a garment, sure, but slip dresses really do have it all.

The ethereal slip dress is in many ways the dress equivalent of the white T-shirt or a great pair of blue jeans. It’s a timeless piece that can be layered for year-round wear and is easily adaptable to personal style.

Wear a slip dress in the fall and dead of winter layered with a chunky sweater and boots or by itself at home with no shoes at all—it’ll feel like you’re still in pajamas, but you’ll look polished nonetheless.

Here, shop the elegant wardrobe essential that can be worn anywhere, any way.

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