14 Best Teen Comedy Movies That Will Make You Want to Relive High School (Yes, Actually)

cosmopolitan– Picture it: You’re at a sleepover with your girlfriends. Someone is microwaving popcorn, another friend is popping a zit (ugh, puberty), and you’re looking over the DVD options. Thriller? Nah, your girls get scared easily. Drama? Yawn. Romance? Hmm, maybe. Oooh, what about something funny with a dash of romance? A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, duh.

Even though you might not be a teenager anymore (thank freakin’ god), there’s still a lovely dose of nostalgia that comes from flipping through the channels and stumbling upon Regina George. Or reuniting with that old Amanda Bynes movie that never gets old, even though you’ve seen it about a million times. Since you probably don’t need my help coming up with iconic teen comedies to watch—listen, I get it—feel free to use this list to figure out what you can watch where. Paying for another streaming service? In this economy?? No, thank you, Disney+. (JK, I subscribed to watch Lion King, I won’t lie.) Here are the best teen comedy movies that you probably saw when you were in high school, but take it from me, they def still hold up today.

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