Donald Trump Reiterates His Fraud Claim, Says ‘2020 Election Was Least Secure Ever’

republicworld– Outgoing US President Donald Trump on November 29 repeated his claims and said that the November 3 presidential elections were probably the least secure American polls ever. While taking to Twitter, Trump said the 2020 election were “poorly rated”. Ever since the November 3 election, Trump has been mounting legal challenges to the projected winner Joe Biden. He has continued to make baseless claims harming the integrity of the democratic process.

Trump says ‘nobody can believe what they’re seeing’

Earlier, the US President had also told Fox News that the entire world is watching over what is happening in the US and further added that nobody can believe what they’re seeing. He said that there are leaders of countries that are calling him and saying that this year’s election is the “most messed-up election” they have ever seen. Trump added that his team has affidavits from several people talking about what went on with the machine.

Meanwhile, Trump’s attorneys have challenged the results, alleging, that the “indefinitely confined” voters had cast absentee ballots without the IDs. Further, they alleged that because the certification envelope depicted two inks, it suggests fraud and indicates foul as the poll workers may have completed identification themselves. Those ballots were recounted by the election officials as ‘exhibits’ with a prior request made by the Trump campaign. Thus far, Trump’s legal gambit has overturned in the state of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

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