15 Universally Flattering Peach Hair Color Ideas

goodhousekeeping– We’re calling it now: 2021 is the year to try a fun new hair color. This year, the world of blush hair is graduating from the well-worn rose golds and magenta pinks of last year to a perfect blend of orange and pink, with colors evocative of a beachy sunset or a juicy summer peach. If you’re itching for a hair color makeover, peach hair is a surprisingly versatile vivid to test out.

“It’s low commitment, as lighter colors are easier to get out,” says Brian O’Connor, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Good Dye Young. “Peach does tend to look great on all skin tones. Because it’s more of a neutral orange … it’s not as intense of a contract with your skin.” The right shade of peach can flatter anyone. To achieve the perfect peach tone for you, O’Connor suggests showing your stylist a photo of the color you’re aiming for, since this trend can vary so much.

Hoping to skip the salon and dye your hair from home? No problem. Unlike some other vivid tones like silver or purple that require hair to start with an almost-white base, peach is more forgiving. “The hair does need to be a level 9-10 [light to very light blonde] but it doesn’t necessarily need to be white since the tones of the peach dye will mix well with all blonde tones,” O’Connor explains. Keep in mind that if you’re hoping for lasting color, peach hair will require some upkeep. “Pastel dyes typically last two to four weeks with proper care like color-safe shampoo, cool water, heat protection,” O’Connor says.

Read on for our favorite celebrity takes on the trendy style — even Julia Roberts and Helen Mirren have tried peach-hued locks!

1Peach Tint

If you’re typically a blonde like Busy Philipps, covering your hair in a temporary peach tint can be a fun way to experiment with the color without committing to anything. Try a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner for a subtle wash of color.

2Peach Pixie

Helen Mirren proves that you can rock a peach shade at any age. This shade gave her look effortless edge.

3Platinum Peach

If you’re aiming for a lighter shade of peach, take a page out of Salma Hayek’s book. The actress rocked a platinum-based blush shade.

4Neon Peach Hair

Kylie Jenner’s hair famously changes like the weather. This vibrant shade of neon peach warms up her skin tone.

5Messy Peach Waves

There’s no hair color that Julia Roberts can’t pull off. Here, she matched her blonde locks to her suit by tinting them peach. This subtle ombré is accentuated with mussed-up waves and an undone braid.

6Dark Peach Hair

If you want peach locks that are slightly more natural-looking, try a darker variation of the shade. Ashley Tisdale keeps her roots dark to bring it even more down to earth.

7Golden Roots

Hoping for an all-over rosy shade, but want to make sure your hair maintains some dimension? Add an element of surprise to peach strands by keeping your roots a honeyed blonde, like Iggy Azalea.

Two-Toned Dark Peach Ombré

Typically rock darker colored locks? You can still try this trendy color. Keep the roots and underside of your hair dark like Regina Hall for a cool, unexpected take on the trend.

9Copper Peach Hair

Peach hair doesn’t need to be vibrant — you can incorporate the shade in the most subtle ways. Michelle Hurd’s curls have just the slightest whisper of peach.

10Two-Toned Locks

Two-toned hair is having a moment right now. Nicki Minaj demonstrates how perfectly peach and blonde complement each other. Test out this look with a temporary color first.

11Peach Bob

Think that peach hair might be too high maintenance? Hilary Duff proves that the rosy color can look laid-back and casual. Some of the streaks in her hair lean almost-silvery, while others are an orangey-apricot.

12Pastel Peach Highlights

Make your strands evocative of a summer sunset by weaving pastel shades of pink and orange onto a platinum base like Katy Perry.

13Peachy Balayage

Lil Kim’s peach-toned locks are dreamy. Her hair weaves peach and blonde together seamlessly, resulting in a beautiful peach balayage, proving that peach color looks amazing on darker skin.

14Peach Ombré

Make a major statement by fading golden blonde hair into a bold pink-leaning peach. To pack an even bigger punch, ask for an ombré effect on your bangs, too, like Maisie Williams.

15Peach Hair with Dark Roots

If you have naturally darker hair, don’t worry — peach hair can still look great on you. Keep the look lower maintenance by leaving your roots alone and fading subtly into the color, like Kim Kardashian.

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