Luxury Penthouse Apartment by 5 Sólidos

interiorzine– This contemporary apartment project by the Colombian design studio Cinco Solidos (5 Sólidos) presents us with sophisticated entwinement between textures, surfaces, and shapes. Clear geometrical silhouettes (both oblong and rectangular) alternate in a sequence of exquisite materials; sustainable wood and organic products together with trendy black metal frames, luxurious marble, and fashionable concrete, compose a space of purity and modern luxury. Neutral beige and the light gray base is punctuated by contrasting blacks, warm blond woods, and hidden lighting installations.

The design team used a maximum open space connection of the interior components to the nearing court-yard throughout balconies, floor to ceiling window walls, and dynamic shapes. Thus creating a free flow, an abundance of natural light, and enhancement of the organic connection with nature, qualities searched by this interior project with each material and shape choice. Some intriguing architectural solutions- like the suspended figural ceiling ( a wink towards the massive-socialistic architecture), the large wooden panelings( some of them moveable and sliding doors’ approaches towards space division), and the overall grand selection of large furniture pieces are a prerogative only to large spaces. In this case, they fit perfectly with the open spaciousness of this contemporary design project.

The design team used contrasts and alternation of materials to enhance the visual sculpturally of the design elements. Black frames on the window-wall to create contrast between the abundant natural light and the trendy matt surfaces, between the cozy light beige comfy nest of the living zone and the wall marking the exterior of the home. Circular glass hole placed on the minimal straight lines of the kitchen panels. Polished concrete floors juxtaposed to the rich tactility of black brick walls in the open floor plan of the social area… and many more subtle hints of contrasts and playfulness within materials and shapes selection.


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