Here’s Why Gigi Hadid Won’t Share Photos Of Her Daughter’s Face

elle– Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter, whose name they have revealed is Khai, last September. Since then, the couple has posted photos of Khai on social media, but they’ve been careful to keep her face from view in the images.

In a new interview with Vogue, Hadid’s sister Bella said that she understands her sister’s reasoning to keep her daughter from cameras and public attention.

“I think she wants to be real online, but until her child wants to be in the spotlight and can make the decision herself, she doesn’t want to put her in that position.”

In the interview, Hadid also spoke about why she and Malik have decided to make their daughter’s privacy a priority.

“I have friends who are public figures and that’s how they’ve gone about it, and I see their kids really blossom in a different way,” she said in the interview, referring to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s family of five.

Lively told Vogue that she spoke with Gigi during her pregnancy and gave her advice on how to raise a family in the spotlight. “I told her you have to do what works for you,” she said. “Gigi has a really special relationship with her fans, and I love how open she is on social media. I love seeing into her world. I’m grateful for what she shares but also understand whatever boundaries she chooses to set.”

She also revealed that Khai will be raised in Pennsylvania.

I think she’ll definitely be raised here,” she said. “The greenery and the farm-y lifestyle are similar to what made me feel really centered as a kid, and I think that’s really important to Zayn and me. I think that just giving your child the opportunity to explore different interests is such a beautiful thing.”

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