Rachel Allen: Salted caramel served three ways– So many classic combinations in food rely on a perfect balance of flavour – sweet and sour, salty and spicy, or sweet and salty. Salted caramel is an ideal example of how different flavours from opposite ends of the spectrum can balance and complement each other to create a winning combination. A pinch of salt added to caramelised sugar elevates the caramel to another level that works really well in so many dishes.

Chocolate mousse loves a salted caramel sauce, whether swirled through it, or drizzled on top, as in the recipe, right. I always have some of this sauce in the fridge for serving over ice cream, mousses or pancakes. It’ll practically solidify when it is chilled but it becomes silky and molten when it is reheated. I love to use an orange flavour in the chocolate mousse, such as some finely grated zest or an orange liqueur like Triple Sec, Grand Marnier or Cointreau, as it works so well with the chocolate and the caramel.

If it’s a decadent cupcake that you fancy, then try the salted caramel version, overleaf. There are a few steps involved but the end result is worth it, and if you fancy making them smaller – bun size, rather than cupcake or muffin size – halve the recipe.

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