Schekavitskaya Apartment​​​​​​​ by Olga Paliychuk

interiorzine– Another example of classy, modern décor composition coming from Ukrainian designers, this time is of an apartment located in Kyiv. Designer Olga Paliychuk created the stylish, masculine, and sleek modern design of this urban apartment. Using iconic design pieces, decorative items, and trendy lamp installations, the décor idea develops through the sleek modern space.

The creator used the color language of a monochrome, somewhat dark base with an entwinement of black, gray shades, deep greens, and delicate peach to create a minimalistic, stylish ambiance. Beautiful modern color selection that allows the sleek, thin lines of the trendy design to give contour to accents in the décor chosen by the artist to stand out.

The modern fashionable décor details are well visible on the minimalistic canvas of monochrome colors and clean lines. The solitary wooden birds, by the iconic Bouroullec brothers’ line, stand out on the backdrop of custom-made wooden furniture pieces and retro cladding of the walls with striped wooden panels. The overused narrow rectangular shape of the trendy metro tiles here clads a very stylish and minimalist bathroom zone. Tapware and modern lamps are synchronized and complimenting each other’s black silhouettes.

Signature design furniture pieces stand out in the different premises of the apartment’s design. The bedside tables in the master bedroom stand elegantly on their trendy terrazzo bases. The plush softness of the living room’s sofa offers cozy comfort in the open, gray sequence of the social zones – the living room with retro TV wall, simplistic dining zone, and customized gray kitchen.

Alternation of matt black surfaces and shades of cement grays is replicated throughout the apartment. The same sequence and alternation of soft and robust, thin lines and rich textures, warm pastel accents, and monochrome bases is leading the whole design idea. A modern urban apartment with its own signature and read on trendy materials and décor details

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