Travis Barker Gifted Kourtney Kardashian A Giant Floral Display For Her Birthday

elle– Kourtney Kardashian turned 42 years old today, and her boyfriend, Travis Barker, started the weekend off with a big floral splash. Kourtney showed off the giant floral arrangements, full of her favorite flowers, that decorated her house.

“Tulips and gardenias are my favorite flowers,” Kardashian wrote on her Instagram Story, tagging Barker. “My entire house smells yummy.”

Kim also took a video of the arrangement when she visited her sister’s home:

“I just walked into the most gorgeous flower arrangement,” Kim said. “This is so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

There are flowers hanging from the ceiling.

By the way, this birthday gift had to be pretty visually pleasing for Kim to say that this is the most impressive flower arrangement she’s ever seen. Remember, this is the woman who had a wall of white roses at her wedding to Kanye West in 2014.

On Valentine’s Day this year, Kourtney went Instagram official with Barker by posting a photo of the two of them hold hands in the car:

In late March, they went on a date to the UFC 260 in Las Vegas, where they were joined (at a social distance) by Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, another pandemic-era celebrity couple.

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2019, People asked Barker if he and Kardashian were a little friendlier than “just friends.” He replied, “Kourtney’s like a dear friend. That’s it. I mean, I love her to death. I love her family to death. But yeah, just friends.”

Two years and one very aesthetically overwhelming birthday floral arrangement later, they are definitely more than “just friends.”

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