26 Bright and Cheery Sunrooms That Are Filled with Inspiring Decor Ideas

goodhousekeeping– Sunrooms are a luxury. If you’ve been blessed with one, you know that figuring out how to decorate the space can be quite a challenge. Your design choices — from window treatments to paint colors — need to feel cohesive and maximize natural light. And that’s not all. When it comes to a sunroom, comfort is key, since you’ll likely use it to read a good book, enjoy a delicious breakfast or even take a quick nap on any given day.

To help you settle on the right furniture, accessories (full-sun houseplants are a good idea, for instance) and layout for your sunroom, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites across a range of design styles. Here, you’ll find more than enough inspiration to make this windowed space what you’ve always wanted.

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