80 Black Kitchen Cabinets – The Most Creative Designs & Ideas

Are black kitchen cabinets trendy? Most definitely, they are! The obsession of modern designers with black kitchen elements started a few years back and now is at its peak. Leading manufactures and designers on the word’s design scene seem to be in love with this trendy and functional color and continue to offer a great variety of black kitchen designs and ideas. On their part, the homeowners and consumers respond in kind and search for those contemporary inventions in black, to apply in their homes and kitchens. Our research suggests that this tendency and trend in modern design is here to stay, and to stay longer, we believe that the cool black color will dominate the stylish modern kitchens design at least a decade.

Each year the word’s design community chooses a color to be the color of the year according to the latest innovations, inspirations, and tendencies. And this color of the year dominates the scene and the focus of the attention of designers and manufacturers. But there are some colors – neutral and timeless ones – like white, gray and black – which never go out of style and lose their currency because they can be comfortably and stylishly combined with whenever color dominates the design scene this year. They give a wonderful base for each nuance from the color palette, so using them as a lasting element from your decor composition is actually a genius idea. The kitchen cabinetries, for example, are a specific type of kitchen assembles which are supposed to last for years and not to be changed frequently. So, a practical and clever solution will be to choose black for them. That way, you will have both the freedom to renovate and color the walls and other decor elements in whenever trendy inspiration strikes your imagination, while a suitable match in stylish black will give the timeless, cool essence to the overall composition. So, if you are planning your kitchen and need some hot ideas for black kitchen cabinets, this is the right place for you. We have chosen and carefully selected a number of the best kitchen designs at the contemporary design scene, which you can look at for inspiration and ideas.

As a matter of fact, the industrial stylistic is a very hot and trendy art every aspect of the modern urban design scene at the moment, and the design elements carrying those features can fit perfectly in your kitchen project. It is a universal concept that can be adapt according to individual needs and tastes. Usually, the cabinets in the black industrial kitchens are sustained in simple lines, geometrical shapes, and in metal as leading material. Characteristic, often custom-made, massive door handles and suspended elements give identity to each industrial kitchen stylistic project. It is cool that untouched original elements like brick walls, concrete floors and ceilings, old wooden beams, and exposed piping, become an organic part of the industrial stylistic and can be left untreated as a part of the interior design project. They will not only fit perfectly but will become an integral part of or decor composition.

The matte surfaces are quite popular at the moment not only on the world’s design scene but also in other artistic spheres like fashion design, jewelry art, and even automobile constructions. And no wonder, the matte surfaces, and materials give elegant stylistics, depth, and calm to the objects and are quite pleasurable to touch as well. But fair warning – matt can be quite addictive as well – your kitchen will look sensational in black matt, but this concept is difficult to combine with other types of materials and surfaces so, you may end up completely overtaken by the trendy black matt including walls and ceilings. So our advice – search for balance – as it is with everything in life.

High-gloss Black Finishes are Also an Option

On the other hand, keep in mind that the shining and gloss surfaces have their high ranking position in the word’s design scene as well. They had established their vibrant presence and shining touch as a symbol of luxury and high class in the furniture design trends over the years. If the black gloss is fitting your design idea – do not hesitate to introduce it as a material for your cabinetry or decor details.

The two examples we have chosen to introduce to your attention have a light geometrical progression without the upper cabinetry roll, living a spacious opening for other textural elements that will complement the shine of the black surfaces. In the first case, a beautiful exposed brick wall gives a juxtaposition between textural smoothness and rich roughness. In the second – a fashionable and modern smoke suspender gives a visual anchor for the whole wall, complementing the shining marble tiles and gloss black cabinetry surfaces.

As you may have noticed, many of the selected so far projects are combining black kitchen elements with exposed brick walls. Well, that is because they supplement each other marvelously. Warm and cool, light and dark, smooth and texturally rich, visual contrast and modern dynamic achieved by just two decor elements – cool isn’t it? The combination of those dynamic juxtapositions makes the black kitchen appear even trendier and more dramatic if that’s possible.

The rougher the textural finish of the bricks – the better, and if spiced with trendy black metal accents – a perfect modern outlook for your kitchen project.

The Nevern Square Apartment located in London and designed by Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop is a marvelous example of this decor idea. Creative design decision connects the bedroom and kitchen spaces visually through a picturesque frame in the wall. This way, an abundance of light is introduced in bought premises, functionality, and aesthetical feel of comfort and harmony is given to the small urban space design.

And speaking of small- urban places- even if you have a limited kitchen space, this is no reason to give up on the black kitchen cabinets ideas. Actually, the visual rule that black decor elements give an appearance of a smaller space is true only if you allow the elements in question to dominate the composition. But if you apply bright combinations in color and lighter tonalities and make some concessions (like using small balk cabinets or giving up on the upper row of the assembly), the final result may presently surprise you.

If you are looking for a way to have a vital and cheerful interior that is still based on the modern trend of black kitchen compositions, there are some very creative ways to achieve that. Do you want freshness in the black kitchen? No problem! The black is monochrome and universal color that combines gracefully with all of the other colors or tonalities. So basically, you can’t go wrong with the color combinations for your black kitchen cabinets. Give your imagination a leaf to experiment and enjoy the creative process of composing a bold and artistic interior decor composition.

And since we have the color design of your kitchen nailed down is time to speak – spatial arrangement and transitions. One of the possible challenges of including a black kitchen into your home design is the risk of living that spatial element visually detached from the rest of the space. So including a kitchen island with bar stools gives a nice transition between premises with the functional added value of an excellent area for gathering with friends and family. A dynamic spatial solution that offers a visual playfulness, trendy modern lifestyle hint and smooth transition in open floor plan connections between kitchen and living room premises – the perfect multifunctional solution.

And speaking of kitchen island elements… This decor element has its advantages – it is stylish and trendy and adds to the working space which your kitchen allows. An extra countertop is always a bonus in busy kitchens. One of its disadvantages is that the kitchen island structure often separates and visually restrains the premises – especially when the structure is black. But that can be cleverly transformed into a positive decor idea. One trendy approach in modern designs is to make part of the kitchen island a suspended metal construct. That way, the décor configuration becomes transparent for the eye and gives freedom of visual movement without compromising with the working surfaces. And thin, black, metal lines and frames are quite hot and trendy in the last years!

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