Kristen Stewart Paired A Sheer Black Corset With A Pink Tweed Jacket And Skirt For Chanel’s Show

elle– Longtime Chanel ambassador Kristen Stewart sat front row at the fashion house’s spring/summer 2022 show in Paris today, and she did it impeccably dressed in the brand. Stewart paired a sheer black corset with a pink tweed set. The matching jacket and skirt she wore were trimmed in black, so everything was perfectly tied together. She wore high white socks, black loafers, and a silver lock necklace to complete the look.

Stewart spoke to InStyle last October about what her off-duty style is like compared to her red carpet style. “Usually, I’m a really uniform-based person,” she said. “For certain weeks, I was getting dressed every morning as if I had somewhere to go. It made me feel better. There was a period of time when I only wanted to wear shit that was matching. I have a leopard-print suit thing that is really fun to wear around the house. So, we wore suits and sets. And then these silky, robe-y things. My dad used to wear a robe around the house, and it was very floofy. I am small, so if I wear a puffy robe, it just looks so lame. The reason I didn’t like robes is that I felt silly and dinky, and I don’t like feeling silly and dinky.

She added that yes, as an ambassador of Chanel, she has a lot of items from the house in her closet. “I have all my Chanel shit together,” she said. “Sometimes I just walk by it. My little black jacket is sitting there. I have a couple of bags that are really classic. But then I have so many things that a more daring, cooler person would wear. Maybe if I have kids, they’ll be like, ‘Why aren’t you wearing this incredible thing?’ Maybe someone will step in and utilize my wardrobe.”

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