Yova Yager’s Home in Kyiv, Ukraine

interiorzine– Dark jazz and Nature’s symphony of materials and textures greet us in this exquisite modern apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine created by Yova Yager design. The small urban space design combines trendy and hot, fashionable urban design touches with art and natural materials, introducing purity and elegance into the overall composition.

The kitchen area gives a striking contrast between the matte black surfaces of the custom-made kitchen cabinetry and the untreated wooden dining table and chairs set. A very trendy and minimalist in its core approach that introduces a soft yet graphic ambiance. An unusual design touch is a black curtain that can hide the cooking area from the rest of the space, giving textural richness and purity to the urban setting. Customized storage units clad in mirrors visually extend the premises.

The living zone offers warmer textural and color combinations – a perfect space for relaxing and cozy time with friends and family. The handcrafted carpet gives a fluffy and warm focal point like an art piece but for a floor instead of walls. The abundance of fresh green plants and intriguing art pieces adds individuality and fresh touch to the exquisite décor composition.

The master bedroom is again dominated by organic textures, clever urban solutions (wardrobe space behind a heavy textile curtain), and straight-line furniture complemented by art and living plants. The bathroom design is particularly fashionable and expressive with the combination of neutral gray for the trendy tile selection and the unique, vibrant blue of the sink’s unusual texture. Throughout the apartment, small decorations in rattan and clay give a playful craft-art character to the space. The attention towards the small details of the composition the expressive and rich textures and colors sustained in the natural palette create a space of warm, elegant, and exquisite modern dynamics.

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