‘I’m not good at meditating because my mind always wanders, but when I’m knitting, I stay focused on the stitches’ ‘When I’m choosing colours for my knitwear, I think, ‘What does the little girl in me like’,” explains knitwear designer Liadain Aiken, “because being playful with colour is a form of mindfulness. It can bring out the inner child in each of us.”

Raised in Co Louth but now based in west Cork, the 39-year-old has cleverly gifted this method of mindfulness to her customers by allowing them to select their own preferred colours for each component of her gorgeous colour-block Merino raglan-sleeve jumpers. There are no fewer than 40 shades of yarn to choose from on Aiken’s website (, and each cuff and sleeve, neck and bottom rib, as well as the body itself, can be made in any one of them. Her advice is, “Don’t overthink it, just have fun.”

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