The NCT deserves thanks, not criticism

Re your article (‘I was told they didn’t offer C-sections’ – the dangerous obsession with ‘natural births’, 14 April), the National Childbirth Trust has worked tirelessly for women for more than 60 years. Do you expect your partner to be with you in the labour ward? Thank the NCT for that. When I had my first baby, I decided to have a home birth because men were not “allowed” in the delivery suite.

Do you expect your baby’s father to be with you during ultrasound scans? Thank the NCT for that too; similarly, his presence on the postnatal ward. Interesting that many of these humane situations have so quickly been removed “due to Covid”.

Did you have a “gentle caesarean” with the lights dimmed and voices quietened for the birth of the baby – again, thank the NCT. What about the cord? Was the cord allowed to finish pulsating so that the baby received its full quota of blood? Thank the NCT. Finally, why is there more research into childbirth than any other area of medicine? Again it is the NCT.

The fact that no one tells women about research results and that research findings are ignored is not really the fault of the NCT.


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